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10th Sep 2018
​World Suicide Prevention Day takes place every year on 10th September. This year it's needed more than ever as rates of depression and suicide, that…
3rd Sep 2018
This week it's Migraine Awareness Week. Migraine is the third most common disease on the planet affecting millions of people. In fact, one in seven…
27th Aug 2018
​Where does the time go? It's already the Late Summer Bank Holiday… Well, at least we've had a summer this year, and what an uplifting thing it is,…
20th Aug 2018
Assuming the weather gives us at least some of the glorious sunshine it has this summer, or at least doesn't rain, we'll be treated to one of the most…
13th Aug 2018
​It's National Allotment Week this week. It was set up to remind us how beneficial an allotment can be for everyone. So if you have one, get down to…
6th Aug 2018
So let it be an inspiration for you to commit to get fit to Premiership levels this season. For instance, it's reckoned the average player runs about…
30th Jul 2018
We see plenty of friends join our gyms together. There are fantastic reasons to as it means both encourage each other to go, and push each other to…
23rd Jul 2018
​This year's Tour de France – the 105th no less! – is now in its last week. More than 170 riders set off on 7th July to see who can ride 2,069 miles…
16th Jul 2018
School's out (for what seems) forever! At least for many schools in the UK it's the beginning of several weeks of holidays. And who doesn't remember…
9th Jul 2018
​You are either love this year's World Cup football fest in Russia – or can't wait for it to end! If you fall into the latter category, don't worry,…
2nd Jul 2018
It's a day for all things cocoa-based. And while chocolate may often contain a large number of calories and be loaded with too much sugar it also has…
25th Jun 2018
​It's time to not only look cool, but also let people know you're more than just a pretty face… on International Sunglasses Day 2018 on 27th June.