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The Benefits of Running
22nd Apr 2019
Of course you don't have to run 26 miles through the capital to feel and see the many benefits of running. You can do this even if you're just…
16th Apr 2019
​For the next seven days, it's Sun Awareness Week. With good reason – despite all the awareness out there of the dangers of spending too long…
15th Apr 2019
​You will have no doubt noticed that the Easter holidays are upon us! So Good Friday is this week and then there's Easter Monday after that. In some…
8th Apr 2019
​Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992. It a month when various health experts raise awareness about the causes and solutions of…
1st Apr 2019
​Forget about the car, bus or train when it's Walk To Work Day on April 5th. Walking is an underrated activity, and one that we do much less today…
Hit the gym with your mum
25th Mar 2019
​Remember at all costs that it's Mother's Day this coming Sunday! We are sure most of us never forget this date, wanting to give a great big hug and…
18th Mar 2019
​Spring Equinox – the first day of spring! – is this week, on 20th March. On this day the sun crosses the celestial equator going from south to north.
11th Mar 2019
​No Smoking Day on the lucky 13th of this month is an annual health awareness day in the UK that's intended to help smokers who want to quit smoking.…
4th Mar 2019
​A whole month dedicated to improving a good night’s sleep… It’s National Bed Month right the way through March. Set up by The Sleep Council, an…
25th Feb 2019
​Real Bread Week is the celebration of supporting your local bakery as well as baking your own bread. It runs all this week!
18th Feb 2019
​Stroke them, walk them, tickle their tummies, snuggle up with them! This week on Wednesday it's Love Your Pet Day!
A Healthy Heart Isn't Just For Valentine's Day
11th Feb 2019
While we're on matters of the heart, here are some reasons why a love of the gym is nothing but good for your heart: